Back Support To Conquer Pain
Morfit® Adjustable Lumbar Support for pain-free driving.
Morfit® enables healthier, happier lives by empowering you to reshape your world.
Morfit® Electric
Morfit® Electric car seat lumbar support is fully adjustable by a press of a button. It actively corrects your posture and remembers your shape. Your driving will be a pleasure again.
Morfit® Original
Osteopath designed, Morfit® car lumbar support reduces pain caused by ill-fitting vehicle seats. It starts out soft to take your shape, then firms up to hold you in place. It remembers your unique posture, reshaping your seat to make driving a pleasure again.
Morfit® brings back happy faces to our customers, no matter what they drive.
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Terrific product! Easy to fit! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you! We received our Morfit last week & tweaked & wriggled our way to lumbar support in our Jeep. Yesterday was the real test; our first desert drive. Result: No pain or discomfort or Tylenol after 3 hours of bumping around! Terrific product! Easy to fit! Thank you!
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Just what I was hoping for in a back support pillow
I suffer from scoliosis and degenerative disks and resulting arthritis and muscle spasms. I did my research and decided on the Morfit Lumbar Support Pillow. It was perfect for me. I was completely comfortable and had zero pain for 6-plus hour stretches, where I usually experience in my back. I want to take that pillow with me everywhere! Thank you, Morfit, for helping people like me. I highly recommend it.
Mary A
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Excellent lumbar support
I have 5 herniated/ bulging discs in my lower back. This is the 1st lumbar support that really works! I'm pain free while driving long distances.
Kate N
Morfit® Adjustable Lumbar Support
Enjoy driving again